Product Launch Accelerator


Guides, templates, and resources for a successful product launch. The most cost effective and efficient product development and launch system available! Save 10’s of thousands of $$’s and 100’s of hours of trial and error.

You’ll also learn how to generate 10x more profit compared to licensing, and how to spend only a few hours a month managing your new revenue stream.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – I’m working on putting the finishing touches on my Product Launch Accelerator System and until I officially launch it I’m giving you a $500 discount! The Accelerator System will not be available immediately, but it will be ready in about 2-3 months. When it is available, the price will be $1000, so lock in your $500 discount now before it’s too late!


Launching a product is overwhelming. I’ve been right where you are and wasted years and $10’s of thousands of dollars trying to figure out the best way to develop and launch a product. I’m excited to be offering this product because I want you to succeed with your product launch, save a bunch of time and money, and repeat the process over and over for new products that will help you generate new revenue streams.

The Accelerator isn’t for everyone, but if you’re serious about learning how to efficiently start a business around a product and you want to make money while you sleep, then it’s perfect for you. By the way, I teach my clients how to make 10x more profit compared to licensing, and spend only a few hours per month maintaining and growing their businesses.

The Product Launch Accelerator is the exact same system I teach my clients 1 on 1 for $10k+, but the Accelerator allows you to go through the process at your own pace and costs $9k+ less than my consulting services.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the product so for a limited time you can get the Product Launch Accelerator for only $500 which is $500 off the normal price! Don’t wait because this discount will be gone for good soon!

The Product Launch Accelerator includes guides, templates and trusted resources for every step of the way through the product development and launch process.

Topics Include:

  • Save 1000’s Of Hours and 10’s Of 1000’s Of $$ By Avoiding Costly Trial And Error
  • In-Depth Market Research
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing
  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  • How To Have Your Product Developed
  • How To Protect Your Product With Patents and Trademarks
  • How To Prototype Your Product
  • How To Have Your Product Manufactured
  • Kitting and Fulfillment For Your Product
  • Pre-Launch Campaign For Product Validation
  • Building a Content Media Collection Including Pictures and Videos
  • Building an eCommerce Website
  • Selling Your Product On 3rd Party Platforms Like Amazon, Etsy, And Wayfair
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Accelerate Organic Traffic
  • Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy
  • Ad Campaign Strategy To Accelerate Traffic And Test Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaign Strategy For Powerful, Free Retargeting
  • Build a Sales Funnel To Increase Conversions
  • Power Schedule To Keep You On Track With Your Daily/Weekly Tasks
  • Templates To Streamline Your Tasks
  • Email And Outreach Templates For Effective Communication
  • Trusted Resources To Help You With Specific Tasks