Get More Sales – Marketing & Sales Strategy


Launching a product without a strategy is like looking for something in the dark, without knowing exactly what you’re looking for. To be successful with your product launch you have to know exactly how your business will operate, and exactly what you should be doing to increase awareness and drive sales. We’ll develop customized business and financial models, and put together a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy that’s ideal for your product, and helps you focus on quickly getting traction with it.


What’s Included:​

  • We’ll help you get more sales with OR without paid ads!
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing
  • Selling Your Existing Product On 3rd Party Platforms Like Amazon, Etsy, And Wayfair
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Accelerate Organic Traffic
  • Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy
  • Ad Campaign Strategy To Accelerate Traffic And Test Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaign Strategy For Powerful, Free Retargeting
  • Power Schedule To Keep You On Track With Your Daily/Weekly Tasks
  • Templates To Streamline Your Tasks
  • Email And Outreach Templates For Effective Communication
  • Trusted Resources To Help You With Specific Tasks