Industrial Design Company

The advancement of different technologies that impact the product development process has made it possible for companies to develop and manufacture consumer products on a global scale in an agile manner. In addition, rapid prototyping and automation have made it possible for large quantities of standardized products to be produced while keeping manufacturing costs low.

Every mass-produced product, from your office chair to your mobile phone, coffee maker, car, etc., has been brought to life with the help of industrial design.

In this article, you’ll learn about industrial design, the services offered by industrial design companies, when a business needs to employ the service of an industrial design firm, and the benefits of employing the services of an industrial design firm.

What is an Industrial Design Company?

Industrial design, as a process, involves designing products to be optimized for customer interaction. Industrial design is part art, part design, and determines and creates a product’s layout and form factor. Industrial design is to product development what architecture is to building development. It focuses on the aesthetics and ergonomics of a product.

Industrial design firms are companies that specialize in developing the concepts for products that will ultimately be engineered for manufacturing. In addition to developing the product’s design and specifications that optimize the ergonomics (how a customer engages and uses a product), industrial design firms create an appearance or aesthetic for a product with the intention of creating an emotional connection with users. That connection gets them excited to use the product and share it with friends. This process can actually help lower the acquisition cost of a product by creating organic word of mouth marketing that costs nothing for the product development and industrial design company.

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May 2022